i7-6700K / # emerge -pvuND --with-bdeps=y world
!!! Repository 'x-portage' is missing masters attribute in '/usr/local/portage/metadata/layout.conf'
!!! Set 'masters = gentoo' in this file for future compatibility

!!! Your current profile is deprecated and not supported anymore.
!!! Use eselect profile to update your profile.
!!! Please upgrade to the following profile if possible:


You may use the following command to upgrade:

        eselect profile set default/linux/amd64/17.0/desktop

!!! Repository 'x-portage' is missing masters attribute in '/usr/local/portage/metadata/layout.conf'
!!! Set 'masters = gentoo' in this file for future compatibility

 * IMPORTANT: 20 config files in '/etc/portage' need updating.
 * sections of the emerge man page to learn how to update config files.

These are the packages that would be merged, in order:

Calculating dependencies... done!
[ebuild     U  ] app-arch/gzip-1.9::gentoo [1.8::gentoo] USE="-pic -static" 745 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-apps/debianutils-4.8.4::gentoo [4.8.2::gentoo] USE="installkernel%* -static" 153 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-devel/llvm-common-5.0.1::gentoo [4.0.1::gentoo] 22,880 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/sgml-common-0.6.3-r6::gentoo [0.6.3-r5::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/libogg-1.3.3::gentoo [1.3.2::gentoo] USE="-static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 408 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-devel/autoconf-archive-2017.09.28::gentoo [2017.03.21::gentoo] 631 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-util/re2c-1.0.3::gentoo [1.0.2::gentoo] 5,671 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/liblinear-220:0/3::gentoo [211:0/3::gentoo] USE="-blas" 506 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-libs/http-parser-2.7.1:0/2.7.1::gentoo [2.6.2:0/2.6.2::gentoo] USE="-static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 48 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libfilezilla-0.11.1::gentoo [0.9.2::gentoo] USE="{-test}" 387 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] app-crypt/argon2-20171227:0/1::gentoo  USE="-static-libs" 1,469 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/libexttextcat-3.4.5::gentoo [3.4.4::gentoo] USE="-static-libs" 1,017 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-util/boost-build-1.63.0::gentoo [1.62.0-r1::gentoo] USE="-examples -python {-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-kernel/linux-firmware-20180103-r1::gentoo [20170622::gentoo] USE="-savedconfig" 135,025 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-portage/cpuid2cpuflags-5::gentoo [4::gentoo] 71 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-apps/hdparm-9.53::gentoo [9.52::gentoo] USE="-static" 134 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-firmware/edk2-ovmf-2017_pre20170505-r1::gentoo [2017_pre20170505::gentoo] USE="binary" 855 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-devel/gcc-config-1.9.1::gentoo [1.8-r1::gentoo] 18 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-devel/binutils-config-5.1-r1::gentoo [5-r3::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-libs/timezone-data-2017c::gentoo [2017b::gentoo] USE="nls -leaps_timezone" 542 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-libs/zlib-1.2.11-r1:0/1::gentoo [1.2.11:0/1::gentoo] USE="-minizip -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] app-arch/xz-utils-5.2.3::gentoo  USE="extra-filters%* nls threads -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/mpfr-3.1.6:0/4::gentoo [3.1.5_p2:0/4::gentoo] USE="-static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 1,108 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libunistring-0.9.8:0/2::gentoo [0.9.7:0/2::gentoo] USE="-doc -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 3,634 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libffi-3.2.1-r1::gentoo [3.2.1::gentoo] USE="-debug -pax_kernel -static-libs {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libyaml-0.1.7-r1::gentoo [0.1.7::gentoo] USE="-doc -static-libs {-test} (-examples%)" 0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] sys-libs/libunwind-1.2.1:7::gentoo  USE="static-libs -debug -debug-frame -doc -libatomic -lzma" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 763 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/libpng-1.6.34:0/16::gentoo [1.6.32:0/16::gentoo] USE="apng (-neon) -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" CPU_FLAGS_X86="sse" 985 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-apps/coreutils-8.29::gentoo [8.28::gentoo] USE="acl nls xattr -caps -gmp -hostname -kill -multicall (-selinux) -static {-test%} -vanilla" 5,169 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-portage/portage-utils-0.65::gentoo [0.64::gentoo] USE="nls -static" 531 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/mpc-1.0.3-r1::gentoo [1.0.3::gentoo] USE="-static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] sys-apps/file-5.32::gentoo  USE="zlib -python -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-themes/hicolor-icon-theme-0.17::gentoo [0.16::gentoo] 52 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] sys-libs/cracklib-2.9.6-r1::gentoo  USE="nls zlib -python -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-libs/boost-1.62.0-r1:0/1.62.0::gentoo  USE="nls threads -context -debug -doc -icu -mpi -python -static-libs -tools" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4*" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/boost-1.63.0:0/1.63.0::gentoo [1.62.0-r1:0/1.62.0::gentoo] USE="nls threads -context -debug -doc -icu -mpi -python -static-libs -tools" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* 
-python3_4* -python3_6%" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/vala-common-0.36.7::gentoo [0.36.4::gentoo] 2,788 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] app-arch/zstd-1.3.2:0/1::gentoo  USE="-static-libs" 1,581 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/jbig2dec-0.14::gentoo [0.13-r4::gentoo] USE="png -static-libs {-test}" 453 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] app-text/libstaroffice-0.0.5::gentoo  USE="zlib -debug -doc -tools" 667 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] media-libs/libzmf-0.0.2::gentoo  USE="-debug -doc {-test} -tools" 314 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libassuan-2.5.1::gentoo [2.4.3-r1::gentoo] USE="-static-libs" 552 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-arch/unzip-6.0_p21-r2::gentoo [6.0_p20::gentoo] USE="bzip2 natspec* unicode" 18 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] app-text/docbook-sgml-dtd-4.1-r3:4.1::gentoo [3.0-r3:3.0::gentoo] 56 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] app-text/docbook-sgml-dtd-3.1-r3:3.1::gentoo [3.0-r3:3.0::gentoo] 55 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] app-text/docbook-sgml-dtd-4.0-r3:4.0::gentoo [3.0-r3:3.0::gentoo] 55 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-libs/miniupnpc-2.0.20171212:0/16::gentoo [2.0.20170509:0/16::gentoo] USE="ipv6 -static-libs" 85 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-emacs/emacs-common-gentoo-1.6-r1::gentoo [1.6::gentoo] USE="X -games" 60 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] x11-base/xorg-drivers-1.19::gentoo  INPUT_DEVICES="libinput -elographics -evdev -joystick -keyboard -mouse -synaptics -tslib -vmmouse -void -wacom (-acecad%) (-aiptek%) (-fpit%) (-hyperpen%) (-mutouch%) 
(-penmount%)" VIDEO_CARDS="nvidia -amdgpu (-apm) (-ark) -ast (-chips) (-cirrus) -dummy -fbdev (-freedreno) (-geode) -glint (-i128) (-i740) -i915 -i965 -intel (-mach64) -mga (-neomagic) (-newport) -nouveau -nv (-omap) -qxl -r128 
-radeon -radeonsi (-rendition) (-s3) (-s3virge) (-savage) -siliconmotion (-sis) (-sisusb) (-sunbw2) (-suncg14) (-suncg3) (-suncg6) (-sunffb) (-sunleo) (-suntcx) (-tdfx) (-tegra) (-tga) (-trident) (-tseng) (-vc4) -vesa -via 
-virtualbox -vmware (-voodoo) (-epson%) (-fglrx%)" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/freetype-2.8.1:2::gentoo [2.8:2::gentoo] USE="X adobe-cff bzip2 cleartype_hinting png -bindist -debug -doc -fontforge -harfbuzz -infinality -static-libs -utils" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 1,843 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-misc/pax-utils-1.2.2-r2::gentoo [1.2.2-r1::gentoo] USE="seccomp -caps -debug -python" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] sys-apps/kmod-24::gentoo  USE="tools zlib -debug -doc -lzma -python -static-libs" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-misc/rsync-3.1.2-r2::gentoo [3.1.2::gentoo] USE="acl iconv ipv6 xattr -examples -static -stunnel" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libpipeline-1.5.0::gentoo [1.4.2::gentoo] USE="-static-libs {-test}" 810 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/libwpd-0.10.2:0.10::gentoo [0.10.1:0.10::gentoo] USE="tools -doc" 524 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-db/mysql-init-scripts-2.2-r2::gentoo [2.2-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/libwps-0.4.8::gentoo [0.4.6::gentoo] USE="-debug -doc -static-libs -tools" 634 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-apps/sandbox-2.12::gentoo [2.10-r4::gentoo] ABI_X86="(32) (64) (-x32)" 415 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/libwpg-0.3.2:0.3::gentoo [0.3.1:0.3::gentoo] USE="-doc -static-libs" 320 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] media-fonts/dejavu-2.37::gentoo  USE="X -fontforge" 5,303 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-arch/tar-1.30::gentoo [1.29-r3::gentoo] USE="acl nls xattr -minimal (-selinux) -static" 2,792 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-libs/e2fsprogs-libs-1.43.8::gentoo [1.43.6::gentoo] USE="nls -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 583 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-dns/libidn-1.33-r2::gentoo [1.33::gentoo] USE="nls -doc -emacs -java -mono -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-devel/flex-2.6.4-r1::gentoo [2.6.4::gentoo] USE="nls -static {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 0 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] sys-devel/binutils-2.29.1-r1:2.29.1::gentoo [2.28-r2:2.28::gentoo, 2.28.1:2.28.1::gentoo] USE="cxx nls -multitarget -static-libs {-test} -vanilla" 28,462 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libnl-3.4.0:3::gentoo [3.3.0:3::gentoo] USE="-python -static-libs -utils" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6%" 912 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] sys-devel/gcc-7.2.0:7.2.0::gentoo [5.4.0-r3:5.4.0::gentoo, 6.3.0:6.3.0::gentoo, 6.4.0:6.4.0::gentoo] USE="cxx fortran (multilib) nls nptl openmp pch sanitize ssp vtv (-altivec) (-awt) -cilk -debug -doc 
(-fixed-point) (-gcj) -go -graphite (-hardened) (-jit) (-libssp) -mpx -objc -objc++ -objc-gc -pgo (-pie) -regression-test -vanilla" 60,859 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] sys-devel/gcc-6.4.0:6.4.0::gentoo  USE="cxx fortran (multilib) nls nptl openmp pch sanitize ssp vtv (-altivec) (-awt) -cilk -debug -doc (-fixed-point) (-gcj) -go -graphite (-hardened) (-jit) (-libssp) -mpx -objc 
-objc++ -objc-gc -pgo% (-pie) -regression-test -vanilla" 13 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-devel/gcc-5.4.0-r4:5.4.0::gentoo [5.4.0-r3:5.4.0::gentoo] USE="cxx fortran (multilib) nls nptl openmp sanitize vtv (-altivec) (-awt) -cilk -debug -doc (-fixed-point) -gcj -go -graphite (-hardened) (-jit) 
(-libssp) -mpx -nopie -nossp -objc -objc++ -objc-gc -pgo% -regression-test -vanilla" 32 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libpcre-8.41-r1:3::gentoo [8.41:3::gentoo] USE="bzip2 cxx jit pcre16 readline recursion-limit (unicode) zlib -libedit -pcre32 -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-libs/libpcre2-10.30::gentoo  USE="bzip2 jit pcre16* readline recursion-limit unicode zlib -libedit -pcre32 -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-apps/gawk-4.2.0::gentoo [4.1.4::gentoo] USE="nls readline -mpfr" 2,880 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-admin/metalog-3-r2::gentoo [3-r1::gentoo] USE="unicode" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/xvid-1.3.5::gentoo [1.3.4::gentoo] USE="threads -examples -pic" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 683 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/qpdf-7.0.0:0/18::gentoo [7.0_beta1:0/18::gentoo] USE="-doc -examples -perl -static-libs {-test}" 6,889 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-admin/eselect-1.4.10::gentoo [1.4.9::gentoo] USE="-doc -emacs -vim-syntax" 174 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-eselect/eselect-python-20171204::gentoo [20160516::gentoo] 46 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-eselect/eselect-ruby-20171225::gentoo [20170723::gentoo] 2 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-firewall/iptables-1.6.1-r2:0/12::gentoo [1.6.1-r1:0/12::gentoo] USE="ipv6 -conntrack -netlink -nftables -pcap -static-libs" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-libs/libaal-1.0.7-r1:0/7::gentoo [1.0.6:0/0::gentoo] USE="-static-libs" 368 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-fs/reiser4progs-1.2.1::gentoo [1.1.0::gentoo] USE="readline -debug -static -static-libs" 958 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-apps/hwids-20171003::gentoo [20170715::gentoo] USE="net pci udev usb" 2,965 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-misc/dhcpcd-7.0.0::gentoo [7.0.0_rc1::gentoo] USE="embedded ipv6 udev" 204 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-apps/pciutils-3.5.6::gentoo [3.5.5::gentoo] USE="kmod udev zlib -dns -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 432 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-libs/ncurses-6.0-r2:0/6::gentoo [6.0-r1:0/6::gentoo] USE="cxx gpm unicode -ada -debug -doc -minimal -profile -static-libs {-test} -threads -tinfo -trace" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-devel/bc-1.07.1-r1::gentoo [1.07.1::gentoo] USE="readline -libedit -static" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-apps/less-529::gentoo [497::gentoo] USE="pcre unicode" 332 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-editors/nano-2.9.2::gentoo [2.8.6::gentoo] USE="magic ncurses nls spell unicode -debug -justify -minimal -slang -static" 2,773 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/freedesktop-icon-theme-0-r2::gentoo [0-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] sys-apps/shadow-4.5::gentoo  USE="acl cracklib nls pam xattr -audit (-selinux) -skey (-linguas_cs%) (-linguas_da%) (-linguas_de%) (-linguas_es%) (-linguas_fi%) (-linguas_fr%) (-linguas_hu%) (-linguas_id%) 
(-linguas_it%) (-linguas_ja%) (-linguas_ko%) (-linguas_pl%) (-linguas_pt_BR%) (-linguas_ru%) (-linguas_sv%) (-linguas_tr%) (-linguas_zh_CN%) (-linguas_zh_TW%)" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-misc/netifrc-0.6.0::gentoo [0.5.1::gentoo] 82 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-apps/man-pages-4.14::gentoo [4.12::gentoo] USE="nls" L10N="-da -de -fr -it -ja -nl -pl -ru -zh-CN (-ro%)" 1,574 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-admin/perl-cleaner-2.26::gentoo [2.25::gentoo] 8 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-libs/pam-1.3.0-r2::gentoo [1.3.0::gentoo] USE="berkdb cracklib filecaps nls pie -audit -debug -nis (-selinux) {-test} -vim-syntax" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/libmwaw-0.3.13::gentoo [0.3.11-r1::gentoo] USE="-doc -static-libs -tools" 1,229 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/libmspub-0.1.3::gentoo [0.1.2::gentoo] USE="-doc -static-libs" 369 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-apps/util-linux-2.31.1::gentoo [2.30.1::gentoo] USE="cramfs ncurses nls pam readline suid udev unicode -build -caps -fdformat -kill -python (-selinux) -slang -static-libs -systemd {-test} -tty-helpers" 
ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="python3_5* -python2_7 -python3_4* -python3_6" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" 4,405 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-apps/gptfdisk-1.0.3::gentoo [1.0.1::gentoo] USE="ncurses -static" 196 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-fs/xfsprogs-4.14.0::gentoo [4.12.0::gentoo] USE="nls readline -libedit -static -static-libs" 1,111 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-editors/vim-core-8.0.1428::gentoo [8.0.0386::gentoo] USE="acl nls -minimal" 13,104 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/expat-2.2.5::gentoo [2.2.4::gentoo] USE="unicode -examples -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 499 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/tiff-4.0.9::gentoo [4.0.8::gentoo] USE="cxx jpeg zlib -jbig -lzma -static-libs {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 2,252 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-libs/gdbm-1.14.1:0/5::gentoo [1.13:0/0::gentoo] USE="berkdb nls readline -exporter -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 874 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-db/sqlite-3.21.0:3::gentoo [3.20.1:3::gentoo] USE="readline -debug -doc -icu -secure-delete -static-libs -tcl {-test} -tools" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 2,509 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-libs/libXcursor-1.1.15::gentoo [1.1.14::gentoo] USE="-static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 324 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/nspr-4.17::gentoo [4.16::gentoo] USE="-debug" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 1,115 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-libs/libxkbcommon-0.8.0::gentoo [0.7.2::gentoo] USE="X -doc -static-libs {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 629 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-libs/libdrm-2.4.89::gentoo [2.4.83::gentoo] USE="-libkms -static-libs -valgrind" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" VIDEO_CARDS="-amdgpu (-exynos) (-freedreno) -intel -nouveau (-omap) -radeon (-tegra) (-vc4) (-vivante) 
-vmware" 775 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/libjpeg-turbo-1.5.3::gentoo [1.5.2::gentoo] USE="-java -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 1,620 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/nettle-3.4:0/6.2::gentoo [3.3-r2:0/6.1::gentoo] USE="gmp -doc (-neon) -static-libs {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" CPU_FLAGS_X86="aes" 1,890 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/alsa-lib-1.1.5::gentoo [] USE="-alisp -debug -doc -python" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7" 957 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libgcrypt-1.8.2:0/20::gentoo [1.8.1:0/20::gentoo] USE="-doc -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 2,898 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/hunspell-1.6.2:0/1.6::gentoo [1.6.1-r1:0/1.6::gentoo] USE="ncurses nls readline -static-libs" L10N="-af -bg -ca -cs -cy -da -de -de-1901 -el -en -eo -es -et -fo -fr -ga -gl -he -hr -hu -ia -id -is -it -kk% 
-km -ku -lt -lv -mi -mk -ms -nb -nl -nn -pl -pt -pt-BR -ro -ru -sk -sl -sq -sv -sw -tn -uk -zu" 705 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-util/mdds-1.3.1:1/1.2::gentoo [1.2.3:1/1.2::gentoo] USE="-valgrind (-doc%)" 281 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libcdio-2.0.0:0/18::gentoo [0.94-r1:0/16::gentoo] USE="cxx -cddb -minimal -static-libs {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 2,300 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-sound/lame-3.100::gentoo [3.99.5-r1::gentoo] USE="frontend -debug -mp3rtp -sndfile -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" CPU_FLAGS_X86="(-mmx)" 1,489 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-eselect/eselect-java-0.4.0::gentoo [0.3.0::gentoo] 14 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-apps/bdftopcf-1.1::gentoo [1.0.5::gentoo] 148 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-lang/tcl-8.6.7:0/8.6::gentoo [8.6.6:0/8.6::gentoo] USE="threads -debug" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 5,738 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-libs/libuv-1.18.0:0/1::gentoo  USE="-static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 1,141 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] net-libs/libtirpc-1.0.2-r1:0/3::gentoo  USE="ipv6 -kerberos -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 507 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-util/ragel- [] USE="-vim-syntax" 0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-util/google-perftools-2.6.3:0/4::gentoo  USE="debug -largepages -minimal -optimisememory -static-libs {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 891 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-libs/libpciaccess-0.14::gentoo [0.13.5::gentoo] USE="zlib -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 353 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-libs/libXfont2-2.0.3::gentoo [2.0.1::gentoo] USE="bzip2 ipv6 truetype -doc -static-libs" 486 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-apps/xinit-1.3.4-r4::gentoo [1.3.4-r1::gentoo] USE="minimal (-systemd%)" 162 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/speex-1.2.0-r1::gentoo [1.2_rc1-r2::gentoo] USE="vbr%* -static-libs -utils% (-ogg%*)" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" CPU_FLAGS_X86="sse" 1,023 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-libs/protobuf-3.3.0:0/13::gentoo  USE="zlib -emacs -examples -java -python -static-libs {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] media-libs/speexdsp-1.2_rc3-r2::gentoo  USE="-static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" CPU_FLAGS_X86="sse sse2" 881 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-util/valgrind-3.13.0-r1::gentoo [3.13.0::gentoo] USE="-mpi" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/faad2-2.8.8::gentoo [2.8.1::gentoo] USE="-digitalradio -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 1,044 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/fontconfig-2.12.6:1.0::gentoo [2.12.4:1.0::gentoo] USE="-doc -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 1,587 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/lcms-2.9:2::gentoo [2.8-r2:2::gentoo] USE="jpeg threads tiff -doc -static-libs {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 10,698 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-libs/gnutls-3.5.16:0/30::gentoo [3.5.15:0/30::gentoo] USE="cxx idn nls openssl seccomp tls-heartbeat zlib -dane -doc -examples -guile -openpgp -pkcs11 -sslv2 -sslv3 -static-libs {-test} -test-full -tools 
-valgrind (-linguas_cs%) (-linguas_de%) (-linguas_en%) (-linguas_fi%) (-linguas_fr%) (-linguas_it%) (-linguas_ms%) (-linguas_nl%) (-linguas_pl%) (-linguas_sv%) (-linguas_uk%) (-linguas_vi%) (-linguas_zh_CN%)" ABI_X86="32 (64) 
(-x32)" 7,383 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/nss-3.34.1::gentoo [3.33::gentoo] USE="nss-pem -cacert -utils" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 9,339 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libcdio-paranoia-0.94_p2::gentoo [0.94_p1-r1::gentoo] USE="cxx -static-libs {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 689 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] net-libs/libnsl-1.2.0:0/2::gentoo  ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 205 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] sys-block/thin-provisioning-tools-0.7.5::gentoo  USE="-static {-test}" 273 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/libmtp-1.1.14:0/9::gentoo [1.1.13:0/9::gentoo] USE="crypt -doc -examples -static-libs" 786 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-office/libreoffice-l10n- [] USE="-offlinehelp" L10N="-af -am -ar -as -ast -be -bg -bn -bn-IN -bo -br -brx -bs -ca -ca-valencia -cs -cy -da -de -dgo -dz -el -en -en-GB -en-ZA -eo 
-es -et -eu -fa -fi -fr -ga -gd -gl -gu -gug -he -hi -hr -hu -id -is -it -ja -ka -kk -km -kmr-Latn -kn -ko -kok -ks -lb -lo -lt -lv -mai -mk -ml -mn -mni -mr -my -nb -ne -nl -nn -nr -nso -oc -om -or -pa -pl -pt -pt-BR -ro -ru -rw 
-sa -sat -sd -si -sid -sk -sl -sq -sr -sr-Latn -ss -st -sv -sw-TZ -ta -te -tg -th -tn -tr -ts -tt -ug -uk -uz -ve -vi -xh -zh-CN -zh-TW -zu" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libixion-0.12.2:0/0.12::gentoo [0.11.1:0/0.11::gentoo] USE="threads%* -debug% -python -static-libs" PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" PYTHON_TARGETS="python3_5* -python3_4* 
-python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-sound/alsa-utils-1.1.5:0.9::gentoo [1.1.4-r1:0.9::gentoo] USE="libsamplerate ncurses nls -bat -doc (-selinux)" 1,175 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/libwebp-0.6.1:0/7::gentoo [0.5.2:0/6::gentoo] USE="gif jpeg opengl png tiff -experimental (-neon) -static-libs -swap-16bit-csp" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" CPU_FLAGS_X86="avx2 sse2 sse4_1" 3,897 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/enchant-1.6.1::gentoo [1.6.0::gentoo] USE="hunspell -aspell -static-libs {-test%} -zemberek" 628 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-sound/mpg123-1.25.8::gentoo [1.25.3::gentoo] USE="alsa ipv6 sdl (-altivec) (-coreaudio) -int-quality -jack -nas -oss -portaudio -pulseaudio" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" CPU_FLAGS_X86="sse (-3dnow) (-3dnowext) 
(-mmx)" 900 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/opensp-1.5.2-r6::gentoo [1.5.2-r4::gentoo] USE="nls -doc -static-libs {-test}" 0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] sys-fs/lvm2-2.02.166-r2::gentoo  USE="readline thin udev -clvm -cman -corosync -device-mapper-only -lvm1 -lvm2create_initrd -openais -sanlock (-selinux) -static -static-libs -systemd" 2,098 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/liborcus-0.12.1:0/0.12::gentoo [0.11.2:0/0.11::gentoo] USE="spreadsheet-model -python -static-libs -tools" PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" PYTHON_TARGETS="python3_5* -python3_4* 
-python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/libfreehand-0.1.2::gentoo [0.1.1::gentoo] USE="-doc -static-libs {-test%}" 505 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/libcdr-0.1.4::gentoo [0.1.3::gentoo] USE="-doc -static-libs {-test}" 596 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-sound/gmtp-1.3.11::gentoo [1.3.10::gentoo] 487 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-misc/dmenu-4.7-r1::gentoo [4.7::gentoo] USE="savedconfig%* -xinerama" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-gfx/feh-2.23::gentoo [2.19.2::gentoo] USE="exif -curl -debug {-test} -xinerama" 2,081 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-lang/tk-8.6.7:0/8.6::gentoo [8.6.6:0/8.6::gentoo] USE="threads truetype (-aqua) -debug {-test} -xscreensaver" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 4,183 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] sys-fs/cryptsetup-2.0.0-r1:0/12::gentoo  USE="argon2 gcrypt nls udev -kernel -libressl -nettle -openssl -pwquality -python -reencrypt -static -static-libs -urandom" PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="python3_5 -python2_7 
-python3_4 -python3_6" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5 -python3_4 -python3_6" 9,844 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-mail/mailutils-3.4::gentoo [3.2::gentoo] USE="berkdb clients gdbm ipv6 ldap nls pam ssl tcpd threads -bidi -guile -kerberos -kyotocabinet -mysql -postgres -python -sasl -servers -static-libs -tokyocabinet" 
PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7" 2,559 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-apps/smartmontools-6.6::gentoo [6.5::gentoo] USE="daemon%* -caps (-selinux) -static -update_drivedb (-minimal%)" 883 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-lang/perl-5.24.3:0/5.24::gentoo [5.24.2:0/5.24::gentoo] USE="berkdb gdbm -debug -doc -ithreads" 11,423 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-lang/perl-5.26.1-r1:0/5.26::gentoo [5.24.2:0/5.24::gentoo] USE="berkdb gdbm -debug -doc -ithreads" 11,660 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-Test-Harness-3.380.0::gentoo [3.360.100_rc-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-Data-Dumper-2.167.0::gentoo [2.160.0-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-qt/qtcore-5.9.3:5/5.9::gentoo [5.7.1-r3:5/5.7::gentoo] USE="icu* -debug -systemd {-test}" 44,102 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-kernel/linux-headers-4.14::gentoo [4.11::gentoo] USE="-headers-only% (-crosscompile_opts_headers-only%)" 7,835 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-Carp-1.420.0::gentoo [1.400.0-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-Encode-2.880.0::gentoo [2.800.100_rc-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-File-Spec-3.670.0::gentoo [3.630.100_rc-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/LWP-MediaTypes-6.20.0-r1::gentoo  19 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] virtual/perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib-2.74.0::gentoo  0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] virtual/perl-IO-1.380.0::gentoo  0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-libnet-3.100.0::gentoo [3.80.100_rc-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-Digest-MD5-2.550.0::gentoo [2.540.0-r3::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-Storable-2.620.0::gentoo [2.560.100_rc-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-Time-HiRes-1.974.100-r1::gentoo [1.973.300-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] virtual/perl-XSLoader-0.270.0::gentoo  0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] virtual/perl-Time-Local-1.250.0::gentoo  0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/X11-Protocol-0.560.0-r1::gentoo  99 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/Text-Iconv-1.700.0-r1::gentoo  11 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/WWW-RobotRules-6.20.0::gentoo  9 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/Socket6-0.270.0::gentoo  64 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/HTML-Tagset-3.200.0-r1::gentoo  8 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] virtual/perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2-2.74.0::gentoo  0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-parent-0.236.0::gentoo [0.234.0-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] virtual/perl-IO-Socket-IP-0.380.0::gentoo  0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker-7.240.0::gentoo [7.100.200_rc-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-Getopt-Long-2.490.0::gentoo [2.480.0-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-Parse-CPAN-Meta-2.150.10::gentoo [1.441.700.100_rc-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] sys-kernel/gentoo-sources-4.14.12:4.14.12::gentoo [4.12.3:4.12.3::gentoo, 4.13.1:4.13.1::gentoo, 4.13.12:4.13.12::gentoo] USE="-build -experimental -symlink" 98,818 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-perl/Net-Daemon-0.480.0-r2::gentoo [0.480.0-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-Digest-SHA-5.960.0::gentoo [5.950.100_rc-r3::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-Sys-Syslog-0.350.0::gentoo [0.330.100_rc-r3::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-Term-ANSIColor-4.60.0::gentoo [4.40.0-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-version-0.991.700::gentoo [0.991.600-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-podlators-4.90.0::gentoo [4.70.0-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-Perl-OSType-1.10.0::gentoo [1.9.0-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-Module-Metadata-1.0.33::gentoo [1.0.31-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-ExtUtils-ParseXS-3.340.0::gentoo [3.310.0-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-JSON-PP- [] 0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/HTTP-Date-6.20.0-r1::gentoo  8 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-apps/iproute2-4.14.1-r3::gentoo [4.12.0::gentoo] USE="berkdb iptables ipv6 -atm -minimal (-selinux)" 622 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/HTML-Parser-3.720.0::gentoo  USE="{-test}" 89 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/Encode-Locale-1.50.0::gentoo  USE="{-test}" 9 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-qt/qtxml-5.9.3:5/5.9::gentoo [5.7.1:5/5.7::gentoo] USE="-debug {-test}" 0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] virtual/perl-IO-Compress-2.74.0::gentoo  0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/XML-XPath-1.420.0::gentoo  USE="-examples {-test}" 55 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/IO-HTML-1.1.0::gentoo  USE="{-test}" 19 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/Sub-Name-0.210.0::gentoo  USE="-suggested {-test}" 80 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-lang/orc-0.4.27::gentoo [0.4.26-r1::gentoo] USE="-examples -pax_kernel -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 455 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-qt/qttest-5.9.3:5/5.9::gentoo [5.7.1:5/5.7::gentoo] USE="-debug {-test}" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-perl/libintl-perl-1.280.0::gentoo [1.240.0-r2::gentoo] 460 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] sys-libs/libcap-ng-0.7.8::gentoo  USE="-python -static-libs" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" 438 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-perl/PlRPC-0.202.0-r3::gentoo [0.202.0-r2::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] dev-qt/qtsql-5.9.3:5/5.9::gentoo [4.8.7-r1:4::gentoo] USE="sqlite -debug -freetds -mysql -oci8 -odbc -postgres {-test}" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-misc/xkeyboard-config-2.22::gentoo [2.21::gentoo] 1,022 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/linux-sources-3-r1::gentoo [3::gentoo] USE="-firmware" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-CPAN-Meta-2.150.10::gentoo [2.150.5-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/HTTP-Message-6.130.0::gentoo  USE="{-test}" 73 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/Try-Tiny-0.240.0::gentoo  USE="-minimal {-test}" 30 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/File-Listing-6.40.0-r1::gentoo  51 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-apps/texinfo-6.5::gentoo [6.4::gentoo] USE="nls -static" 4,398 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-apps/help2man-1.47.5::gentoo [1.47.4::gentoo] USE="nls" 182 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-perl/DBI-1.637.0::gentoo [1.636.0::gentoo] USE="-examples {-test}" 583 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-qt/linguist-tools-5.9.3:5/5.9::gentoo [5.7.1:5/5.7::gentoo] USE="-debug -qml {-test}" 9,549 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-fs/e2fsprogs-1.43.8::gentoo [1.43.6::gentoo] USE="nls -fuse -static-libs" 7,300 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-libs/binutils-libs-2.29.1-r1:0/2.29.1::gentoo [2.28.1:0/2.28.1::gentoo] USE="nls -64-bit-bfd -multitarget -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 19 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/Tie-IxHash-1.230.0::gentoo  USE="{-test}" 10 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/HTTP-Negotiate-6.10.0-r1::gentoo  9 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/HTTP-Daemon-6.10.0-r2::gentoo  19 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/HTTP-Cookies-6.40.0::gentoo  USE="{-test}" 39 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/IO-Socket-INET6-2.720.0-r1::gentoo  27 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/openssl-1.0.2n::gentoo [1.0.2l::gentoo] USE="asm sslv3 tls-heartbeat zlib -bindist -gmp -kerberos -rfc3779 -sctp -sslv2 -static-libs {-test} -vanilla" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" CPU_FLAGS_X86="(sse2)" 5,262 
[ebuild     U  ] dev-lang/python-2.7.14-r1:2.7::gentoo [2.7.13:2.7::gentoo] USE="gdbm ipv6 ncurses readline sqlite ssl (threads) (wide-unicode) xml (-berkdb) -build -doc -examples -hardened -libressl -tk -wininst" 12,295 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] dev-lang/python-3.5.4-r1:3.5/3.5m::gentoo [2.7.13:2.7::gentoo, 3.4.6:3.4/3.4m::gentoo, 3.6.1-r1:3.6/3.6m::gentoo] USE="gdbm ipv6 ncurses readline sqlite ssl (threads) xml -build -examples -hardened -libressl 
{-test} -tk -wininst" 14,985 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-misc/curl-7.57.0::gentoo [7.55.1::gentoo] USE="ipv6 ldap ssl -adns -http2 -idn -kerberos -metalink -rtmp -samba -ssh -static-libs {-test} -threads" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" CURL_SSL="openssl -axtls -gnutls 
-libressl -mbedtls -nss (-winssl)" 2,783 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-misc/iputils-20171016_pre::gentoo [20151218::gentoo] USE="arping filecaps ipv6 openssl%* ssl -SECURITY_HAZARD -caps -clockdiff -doc -gcrypt -idn -libressl -nettle% -rarpd -rdisc -static -tftpd -tracepath 
-traceroute" 220 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-perl/Net-SSLeay-1.820.0::gentoo [1.810.0::gentoo] USE="-examples -libressl -minimal {-test}" 390 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-misc/wget-1.19.2-r2::gentoo [1.19.1-r1::gentoo] USE="ipv6 nls pcre ssl zlib -debug -gnutls -idn -libressl -ntlm -static {-test} -uuid" 4,248 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-lang/python-3.6.4:3.6/3.6m::gentoo [3.6.1-r1:3.6/3.6m::gentoo] USE="gdbm ipv6 ncurses readline sqlite ssl (threads) xml -build -examples -hardened -libressl {-test%} -tk -wininst" 16,608 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-qt/qtnetwork-5.9.3:5/5.9::gentoo [5.7.1:5/5.7::gentoo] USE="ssl -bindist -connman -debug -libproxy -networkmanager {-test}" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-misc/openssh-7.6_p1-r1::gentoo [7.5_p1-r2::gentoo] USE="X ldap pam pie ssl -X509 -audit -bindist -debug -hpn* -kerberos -ldns -libedit -libressl -livecd -sctp (-selinux) -skey -static {-test} (-ssh1%)" 1,479 
[ebuild     U  ] net-misc/dhcp-4.3.6-r1::gentoo [4.3.5::gentoo] USE="client ipv6 ldap server ssl -libressl (-selinux) -vim-syntax" 9,944 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] www-client/elinks-0.12_pre6-r3::gentoo [0.12_pre6-r2::gentoo] USE="X bzip2 gpm ipv6 mouse nls ssl unicode xml zlib -bittorrent -debug -finger -ftp -gc -gopher -guile -idn -javascript -libressl -lua -nntp -perl 
-ruby -samba -tre%" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-libs/libssh2-1.8.0-r1::gentoo [1.8.0::gentoo] USE="zlib -gcrypt -libressl -static-libs {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 835 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-vpn/openvpn-2.4.4::gentoo [2.4.3::gentoo] USE="lzo pam plugins ssl -down-root -examples -inotify -iproute2 -libressl -lz4 -mbedtls -pkcs11 (-selinux) -static -systemd {-test}" 1,358 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libxml2-2.9.7:2::gentoo [2.9.5:2::gentoo] USE="ipv6 python readline -debug -examples -icu -lzma -static-libs {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" 
5,340 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-misc/ca-certificates-20170717.3.34.1::gentoo [20161130.3.32::gentoo] USE="-cacert -insecure_certs" 287 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-python/pyblake2-1.1.0::gentoo  PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5 -pypy -python3_4 -python3_6" 123 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-util/gdbus-codegen-2.52.3::gentoo  PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-util/ninja-1.8.2::gentoo [1.7.2::gentoo] USE="-doc -emacs {-test} -vim-syntax -zsh-completion" 181 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/newt-0.52.20::gentoo [0.52.18::gentoo] USE="gpm nls -tcl" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5%* -python3_4% -python3_6%" 177 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/iso-codes-3.76::gentoo [3.74::gentoo] USE="(-linguas_af%) (-linguas_am%) (-linguas_ar%) (-linguas_as%) (-linguas_ast%) (-linguas_az%) (-linguas_be%) (-linguas_bg%) (-linguas_bn%) (-linguas_bn_IN%) 
(-linguas_br%) (-linguas_bs%) (-linguas_byn%) (-linguas_ca%) (-linguas_crh%) (-linguas_cs%) (-linguas_cy%) (-linguas_da%) (-linguas_de%) (-linguas_dz%) (-linguas_el%) (-linguas_en%) (-linguas_eo%) (-linguas_es%) (-linguas_et%) 
(-linguas_eu%) (-linguas_fa%) (-linguas_fi%) (-linguas_fo%) (-linguas_fr%) (-linguas_ga%) (-linguas_gez%) (-linguas_gl%) (-linguas_gu%) (-linguas_haw%) (-linguas_he%) (-linguas_hi%) (-linguas_hr%) (-linguas_hu%) (-linguas_hy%) 
(-linguas_ia%) (-linguas_id%) (-linguas_is%) (-linguas_it%) (-linguas_ja%) (-linguas_ka%) (-linguas_kk%) (-linguas_km%) (-linguas_kn%) (-linguas_ko%) (-linguas_kok%) (-linguas_ku%) (-linguas_lt%) (-linguas_lv%) (-linguas_mi%) 
(-linguas_mk%) (-linguas_ml%) (-linguas_mn%) (-linguas_mr%) (-linguas_ms%) (-linguas_mt%) (-linguas_nb%) (-linguas_ne%) (-linguas_nl%) (-linguas_nn%) (-linguas_nso%) (-linguas_oc%) (-linguas_or%) (-linguas_pa%) (-linguas_pl%) 
(-linguas_ps%) (-linguas_pt%) (-linguas_pt_BR%) (-linguas_ro%) (-linguas_ru%) (-linguas_rw%) (-linguas_si%) (-linguas_sk%) (-linguas_sl%) (-linguas_so%) (-linguas_sq%) (-linguas_sr%) (-linguas_sr@latin%) (-linguas_sv%) 
(-linguas_sw%) (-linguas_ta%) (-linguas_te%) (-linguas_th%) (-linguas_ti%) (-linguas_tig%) (-linguas_tk%) (-linguas_tl%) (-linguas_tr%) (-linguas_tt%) (-linguas_tt@iqtelif%) (-linguas_ug%) (-linguas_uk%) (-linguas_ve%) 
(-linguas_vi%) (-linguas_wa%) (-linguas_wal%) (-linguas_wo%) (-linguas_xh%) (-linguas_zh_CN%) (-linguas_zh_HK%) (-linguas_zh_TW%) (-linguas_zu%)" 3,394 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] dev-qt/qtxmlpatterns-5.9.3:5/5.9::gentoo [4.8.7:4::gentoo] USE="-debug {-test}" 1,329 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-libs/libbytesize-1.2-r1::gentoo  USE="-doc {-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5 -python3_4 -python3_6" 69 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-misc/tmux-2.6::gentoo [2.5-r1::gentoo] USE="-debug (-selinux) -utempter -vim-syntax" 470 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] sys-process/iotop-0.6::gentoo  PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" 30 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-misc/shared-mime-info-1.9::gentoo [1.8::gentoo] USE="{-test}" 594 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] x11-proto/xcb-proto-1.12-r2::gentoo  ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libxslt-1.1.30-r2::gentoo [1.1.29-r1::gentoo] USE="crypt -debug -examples -python -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7" 3,364 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-crypt/p11-kit-0.23.9::gentoo [0.23.7::gentoo] USE="asn1 libffi trust -debug" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 1,066 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/libvisio-0.1.6::gentoo [0.1.5-r1::gentoo] USE="-doc -static-libs {-test} -tools" 661 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/libabw-0.1.2::gentoo [0.1.1::gentoo] USE="-doc -static-libs" 311 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-util/cmake-3.10.1::gentoo [3.9.2::gentoo] USE="ncurses -doc -emacs -qt5 -server -system-jsoncpp {-test}" 7,641 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/docbook-xsl-stylesheets-1.79.1-r2::gentoo [1.79.1-r1::gentoo] USE="-ruby" 0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] app-text/docbook-xml-simple-dtd-1.0-r2:1.0::gentoo  31 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] app-text/docbook-xml-simple-dtd-  35 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/libebook-0.1.3::gentoo [0.1.2-r1::gentoo] USE="-doc {-test} -tools" 499 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-libs/xmlsec-1.2.24-r1::gentoo  USE="nss openssl -doc -gcrypt -gnutls -libressl -static-libs" 1,793 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] games-util/steam-launcher- [] USE="steamruntime" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-cpp/glibmm-2.52.1:2::gentoo [2.52.0:2::gentoo] USE="-debug -doc {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 6,300 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] dev-lang/vala-0.36.7:0.36::gentoo [0.34.9:0.34::gentoo] USE="{-test}" 0 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] sys-devel/llvm-5.0.1:5::gentoo [4.0.1:4::gentoo] USE="libffi ncurses -debug -doc -gold -libedit {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" LLVM_TARGETS="AMDGPU BPF NVPTX (X86) -AArch64 -ARM -Hexagon -Lanai -MSP430 -Mips 
-PowerPC -Sparc -SystemZ -XCore" 96 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/openjpeg-2.3.0:2/7::gentoo [2.2.0:2/7::gentoo] USE="-doc -static-libs {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 2,156 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-libs/libomp-5.0.1::gentoo [4.0.1::gentoo] USE="-hwloc -ompt {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 2,027 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/asciidoc-8.6.10::gentoo [8.6.9-r5::gentoo] USE="-examples -graphviz -highlight {-test}" PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="python2_7 -pypy" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 -pypy" 564 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libical-2.0.0-r3:0/2::gentoo [2.0.0-r2:0/2::gentoo] USE="-doc -examples -static-libs" 683 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] app-text/docbook-sgml-utils-0.6.14-r1::gentoo  USE="-jadetex" 123 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-util/cargo-0.21.0::gentoo [0.20.0::gentoo] USE="-debug -doc -libressl" 10,475 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] app-arch/snappy-1.1.7:0/1::gentoo  USE="(-static-libs) {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 1,065 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/glm- [] USE="{-test}" CPU_FLAGS_X86="avx avx2 sse2 sse3" 3,669 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/openal-1.18.2::gentoo [1.18.1::gentoo] USE="alsa (-coreaudio) -debug -jack -oss -portaudio -pulseaudio -qt4*" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" CPU_FLAGS_X86="sse sse2 sse4_1" 625 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] sys-libs/compiler-rt-sanitizers-5.0.1:5.0.1::gentoo [4.0.1:4.0.1::gentoo] USE="{-test}" 1,464 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-emulation/lxc-2.0.9::gentoo [2.0.8::gentoo] USE="seccomp -cgmanager -examples -lua -python (-selinux) (-doc%)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6%" 1,302 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] app-text/po4a-0.47-r1::gentoo  USE="{-test} (-linguas_af%) (-linguas_ca%) (-linguas_cs%) (-linguas_da%) (-linguas_de%) (-linguas_eo%) (-linguas_es%) (-linguas_et%) (-linguas_eu%) (-linguas_fr%) (-linguas_hr%) 
(-linguas_id%) (-linguas_it%) (-linguas_ja%) (-linguas_kn%) (-linguas_ko%) (-linguas_nb%) (-linguas_nl%) (-linguas_pl%) (-linguas_pt%) (-linguas_pt_BR%) (-linguas_ru%) (-linguas_sl%) (-linguas_sv%) (-linguas_uk%) (-linguas_vi%) 
(-linguas_zh_CN%) (-linguas_zh_HK%)" 0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-libs/leveldb-1.18-r2::gentoo  USE="snappy tcmalloc -static-libs" 205 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] sys-libs/libcxxabi-5.0.1::gentoo  USE="libunwind static-libs {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 2,002 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/libetonyek-0.1.7::gentoo [0.1.6::gentoo] USE="-doc -static-libs {-test}" 1,227 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-apps/dbus-1.12.2::gentoo [1.10.22::gentoo] USE="X -debug -doc -elogind (-selinux) -static-libs -systemd {-test} -user-session" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 2,015 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] sys-libs/libcxx-5.0.1::gentoo  USE="libcxxabi libunwind static-libs -libcxxrt {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-fs/btrfs-progs-4.14.1::gentoo [4.12::gentoo] USE="convert zstd%* -reiserfs% -static -static-libs" 1,882 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-auth/consolekit-1.2.1::gentoo [1.2.0::gentoo] USE="acl pam policykit udev -cgroups -debug -doc -evdev -pm-utils (-selinux) {-test}" 1,156 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-qt/qtdbus-5.9.3:5/5.9::gentoo [5.7.1:5/5.7::gentoo] USE="-debug {-test}" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] gnome-base/dconf-0.26.1::gentoo [0.26.0-r1::gentoo] USE="{-test}" 214 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-editors/emacs-25.3:25::gentoo [25.2:25::gentoo] USE="X acl alsa dbus gif gpm gtk gtk3 inotify jpeg png ssl svg tiff xpm zlib -Xaw3d (-aqua) -athena (-cairo) -dynamic-loading -games -gconf -gfile -gsettings 
-gzip-el (-hesiod) -imagemagick -kerberos -libxml2 -livecd -m17n-lib -motif -pax_kernel (-selinux) -sound -source -toolkit-scroll-bars -wide-int -xft (-xwidgets)" 41,851 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] net-dns/dnsmasq-2.78::gentoo  USE="dbus dhcp id inotify ipv6 nls -auth-dns -conntrack -dhcp-tools -dnssec -idn -libidn2 -lua -script (-selinux) -static -tftp (-linguas_de%) (-linguas_es%) (-linguas_fi%) 
(-linguas_fr%) (-linguas_id%) (-linguas_it%) (-linguas_no%) (-linguas_pl%) (-linguas_pt_BR%) (-linguas_ro%)" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-python/dbus-python-1.2.4::gentoo  USE="-doc -examples {-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-emulation/lxd-2.19::gentoo [2.18::gentoo] USE="daemon dnsmasq ipv6 nls {-test}" 13,071 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-analyzer/nmap-7.60::gentoo [7.50::gentoo] USE="ipv6 nls nse ssl -libressl -libssh2% -ncat -ndiff -nmap-update -nping (-system-lua) -zenmap (-linguas_de%) (-linguas_fr%) (-linguas_hi%) (-linguas_hr%) 
(-linguas_it%) (-linguas_ja%) (-linguas_pl%) (-linguas_pt_BR%) (-linguas_ru%) (-linguas_zh%)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7" 10,152 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] virtual/python-ipaddress-1.0-r1::gentoo  PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-editors/vim-8.0.1428::gentoo [8.0.0386-r1::gentoo] USE="X acl gpm nls -cscope -debug -lua -luajit -minimal -perl -python -racket -ruby (-selinux) -tcl -terminal% -vim-pager" PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="python3_5* 
-python2_7 -python3_4* -python3_6" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-libs/gobject-introspection-1.52.1::gentoo  USE="cairo -doctool {-test}" PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="python3_5* -python2_7 -python3_4* -python3_6" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf-2.36.11:2::gentoo [2.36.9:2::gentoo] USE="X introspection jpeg tiff -debug -jpeg2k {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 5,543 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-fs/eudev-3.2.5::gentoo [3.2.2-r1::gentoo] USE="hwdb introspection kmod -rule-generator (-selinux) -static-libs {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 1,814 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/gstreamer-1.12.3:1.0::gentoo [1.10.5:1.0::gentoo] USE="caps introspection nls orc {-test} -unwind" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 3,102 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] gnome-base/gsettings-desktop-schemas-3.24.1::gentoo [3.22.0::gentoo] USE="introspection" 624 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-libs/gtksourceview-3.24.6:3.0/3::gentoo [3.24.4:3.0/3::gentoo] USE="introspection -glade {-test} -vala" 1,586 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libgudev-232::gentoo [231::gentoo] USE="introspection -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 265 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-im/telegram-desktop-bin-1.2.6::gentoo [1.1.23-r1::gentoo] 48,851 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/libgudev-232::gentoo [230::gentoo] USE="introspection -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-libs/libsoup-2.58.2:2.4::gentoo [2.56.0:2.4::gentoo] USE="introspection ssl -debug -gssapi -samba {-test} -vala" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 1,773 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] sys-devel/clang-5.0.1:5::gentoo [4.0.1:4::gentoo] USE="static-analyzer xml -debug -default-compiler-rt -default-libcxx -doc {-test} (-z3)" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" LLVM_TARGETS="AMDGPU BPF NVPTX (X86) -AArch64 -ARM 
-Hexagon -Lanai -MSP430 -Mips -PowerPC -Sparc -SystemZ -XCore" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7" 11,846 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] sys-libs/compiler-rt-5.0.1:5.0.1::gentoo [4.0.1:4.0.1::gentoo] USE="clang {-test}" 0 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] sys-devel/clang-runtime-5.0.1:5.0.1::gentoo [4.0.1:4.0.1::gentoo] USE="compiler-rt openmp sanitize -libcxx" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libclc-0.2.0_pre20170929::gentoo [0.2.0_pre20170118::gentoo] 136 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/mesa-17.3.1::gentoo [17.2.0::gentoo] USE="classic dri3 egl gallium gbm llvm nptl opencl -bindist -d3d9 -debug -gles1 -gles2 -openmax -osmesa -pax_kernel -pic (-selinux) -unwind -vaapi -valgrind -vdpau 
-vulkan -wayland -xa -xvmc" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" VIDEO_CARDS="(-freedreno) -i915 -i965 (-imx) -intel -nouveau -r100 -r200 -r300 -r600 -radeon -radeonsi (-vc4) -virgl% (-vivante) -vmware" 10,420 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-libs/cairo-1.14.12::gentoo [1.14.10::gentoo] USE="X glib opengl svg xcb (-aqua) -debug (-gles2) -static-libs -valgrind (-directfb%)" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 35,403 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-base/xorg-server-1.19.6:0/1.19.6::gentoo [1.19.3:0/1.19.3::gentoo] USE="glamor ipv6 suid udev xorg -debug -dmx -doc -kdrive -libressl -minimal (-selinux) -static-libs -systemd -tslib -unwind -wayland 
-xcsecurity -xephyr -xnest -xvfb" 5,845 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] virtual/opencl-0-r5::gentoo  ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" VIDEO_CARDS="nvidia -amdgpu% -i965 (-fglrx%)" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/libtxc_dxtn-1.0.1-r3::gentoo [1.0.1-r1::gentoo] ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 210 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/harfbuzz-1.7.4:0/0.9.18::gentoo [1.4.7:0/0.9.18::gentoo] USE="cairo glib graphite icu introspection truetype -debug -fontconfig -static-libs {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 1,678 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-python/pycairo-1.15.4::gentoo [1.15.2::gentoo] USE="xcb -doc -examples {-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" 175 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-libs/pango-1.40.14::gentoo [1.40.11::gentoo] USE="X introspection {-test}" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 839 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-video/ffmpeg-3.4.1:0/55.57.57::gentoo [3.3.2:0/55.57.57::gentoo] USE="X alsa bzip2 encode gpl hardcoded-tables iconv mp3 network opengl postproc sdl svg%* threads truetype vorbis x264 xcb xvid zlib (-altivec) 
-amr -amrenc (-appkit) -bluray -bs2b -cdio -celt -chromaprint -chromium% -cpudetection -debug -doc -fdk -flite -fontconfig -frei0r -fribidi -gcrypt -gme -gmp -gnutls -gsm -iec61883 -ieee1394 -jack -jpeg2k -kvazaar -ladspa -libass 
-libcaca -libilbc -librtmp -libsoxr -libv4l -lzma (-mipsdspr1) (-mipsdspr2) (-mipsfpu) (-mmal) -modplug -nvenc -openal -openh264 -openssl -opus -oss -pic -pulseaudio -rubberband -samba -snappy -speex -ssh -static-libs {-test} 
-theora -twolame -v4l -vaapi -vdpau -vpx -wavpack -webp -x265 -zeromq -zimg -zvbi (-schroedinger%) (-sofalizer%)" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" CPU_FLAGS_X86="aes avx avx2 fma3 mmx mmxext sse sse2 sse3 sse4_1 sse4_2 ssse3 -3dnow 
-3dnowext -fma4 -xop" FFTOOLS="aviocat cws2fws ffescape ffeval ffhash fourcc2pixfmt graph2dot ismindex pktdumper qt-faststart sidxindex trasher" 9,939 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-python/pygobject-3.24.1:3::gentoo  USE="cairo threads -examples {-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/libass-0.14.0:0/9::gentoo [0.13.7:0/9::gentoo] USE="fontconfig harfbuzz -static-libs" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 348 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-lang/mono- [] USE="nls (-doc) -minimal -pax_kernel -xen" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 200,132 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-gfx/imagemagick- [] USE="X bzip2 cxx jpeg lcms opencl openmp pango png svg tiff truetype xml zlib -corefonts -djvu -fftw -fontconfig -fpx -graphviz -hdri 
-jbig -jpeg2k -lqr -lzma -openexr -perl -postscript -q32 -q8 -raw -static-libs {-test} -webp -wmf" 8,339 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-util/meld-3.18.0::gentoo  PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" PYTHON_TARGETS="python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] media-video/mplayer-1.3.0-r3::gentoo  USE="X a52 alsa cdio dts dvd dvdnav enca encode gif iconv ipv6 jpeg libass mad mng mp3 network opengl osdmenu png sdl shm truetype unicode vorbis x264 xscreensaver xv xvid 
-aalib (-altivec) (-aqua) -bidi -bl -bluray -bs2b -cddb -cdparanoia -cpudetection -debug -dga -directfb -doc -dv -dvb -faac -faad -fbcon -ftp -ggi -gsm -jack -joystick -ladspa -libcaca -libmpeg2 -lirc -live -lzo -md5sum -nas -nut 
-openal -oss -pnm -pulseaudio -pvr -radio -rar -rtc -rtmp -samba (-selinux) -speex -tga -theora -toolame -tremor -twolame -v4l -vcd -vdpau (-vidix) -xinerama -xvmc -yuv4mpeg -zoran (-jpeg2k%)" CPU_FLAGS_X86="mmx mmxext sse sse2 
ssse3 -3dnow -3dnowext" VIDEO_CARDS="-mga (-s3virge) (-tdfx)" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-python/setuptools-36.7.2::gentoo [36.0.1::gentoo] USE="{-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 710 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-python/certifi-2017.11.5::gentoo [2017.7.27.1::gentoo] PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 322 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-python/pyxattr-0.6.0::gentoo  USE="-doc {-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-python/six-1.11.0::gentoo [1.10.0::gentoo] USE="-doc {-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 30 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-python/idna-2.6::gentoo [2.5::gentoo] PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 133 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-util/meson-0.44.0::gentoo  PYTHON_TARGETS="python3_5 -python3_4 -python3_6" 1,077 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-python/typing-3.6.2::gentoo [] PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 77 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-python/pyasn1-0.3.7::gentoo [0.2.3::gentoo] USE="-doc" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 115 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-python/asn1crypto-0.22.0::gentoo  USE="{-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-python/ply-3.10:0/3.10::gentoo  USE="-examples" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-python/chardet-3.0.4::gentoo  USE="{-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-python/PySocks-1.6.7::gentoo  PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-python/pygments-2.2.0::gentoo  USE="-doc {-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-python/pip-9.0.1-r2::gentoo  USE="-vanilla" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-apps/portage-2.3.19-r1::gentoo [2.3.8::gentoo] USE="(ipc) native-extensions xattr -build -doc -epydoc (-selinux) (-linguas_ru%)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -python3_4* -python3_6" 933 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-libs/libinput-1.9.4:0/10::gentoo [1.8.1:0/10::gentoo] USE="-doc% {-test}" INPUT_DEVICES="-wacom" 462 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-python/m2crypto-0.27.0::gentoo [0.26.0::gentoo] USE="-libressl" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7" 1,094 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-python/pycparser-2.18-r1::gentoo  USE="{-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-python/docutils-0.14::gentoo [0.13.1::gentoo] PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 1,687 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-python/ansi2html-1.2.0::gentoo  USE="{-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -python3_4*" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-qt/qtgui-5.9.3:5/5.9::gentoo [5.7.1-r1:5/5.7::gentoo] USE="dbus egl* gif jpeg libinput* png udev xcb -accessibility -debug -eglfs -evdev (-gles2) -ibus {-test} -tslib -tuio -vnc% (-gtk%*)" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-java/java-config-2.2.0-r3:2::gentoo  USE="{-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" 51 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-python/cffi-1.11.2:0/1.11.2::gentoo [1.10.0:0/1.10.0::gentoo] USE="-doc {-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -python3_4* -python3_6" 425 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-drivers/xf86-input-libinput-0.26.0::gentoo [0.25.1::gentoo] 363 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-admin/gentoo-perl-helpers-0.3.1::gentoo [0.2.2::gentoo] 10 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-text/poppler-0.62.0-r1:0/73::gentoo [0.57.0:0/68::gentoo] USE="cairo cxx introspection jpeg jpeg2k lcms png qt5* tiff utils -cjk -curl -debug -doc -nss (-qt4%*)" 1,391 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-qt/qtwidgets-5.9.3:5/5.9::gentoo [5.7.1:5/5.7::gentoo] USE="gtk%* png xcb -debug (-gles2) {-test}" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-python/cryptography-2.1.4::gentoo [2.0.3::gentoo] USE="-libressl {-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 432 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-qt/qtx11extras-5.9.3:5/5.9::gentoo  USE="-debug {-test}" 75 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-qt/qtmultimedia-5.9.3:5/5.9::gentoo [5.7.1:5/5.7::gentoo] USE="alsa -debug (-gles2) -gstreamer -openal -pulseaudio -qml {-test} -widgets" 3,514 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-python/pyopenssl-17.4.0::gentoo [17.2.0::gentoo] USE="-doc -examples {-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 166 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-qt/qtdeclarative-5.9.3:5/5.9::gentoo  USE="jit widgets xml -debug (-gles2) -localstorage {-test}" 20,941 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] dev-qt/qtsvg-5.9.3:5/5.9::gentoo [4.8.7:4::gentoo] USE="-debug {-test}" 1,737 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] dev-qt/qtopengl-5.9.3:5/5.9::gentoo [4.8.7:4::gentoo] USE="-debug (-gles2) {-test}" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] net-p2p/transmission-2.92-r2::gentoo  USE="gtk qt5* -ayatana -libressl -lightweight -systemd -xfs" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-wireless/wpa_supplicant-2.6-r4::gentoo [2.6-r2::gentoo] USE="dbus hs2-0 qt5* readline ssl -ap -eap-sim -eapol_test% -fasteap -gnutls -libressl -p2p -privsep% (-ps3) (-selinux) -smartcard -tdls 
-uncommon-eap-types (-wimax) -wps" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-python/ndg-httpsclient-0.4.2-r1::gentoo  USE="{-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-python/urllib3-1.22::gentoo  USE="-doc {-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-qt/qtquickcontrols-5.9.3:5/5.9::gentoo  USE="widgets -debug {-test}" 5,807 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-python/requests-2.18.4::gentoo [2.18.2-r1::gentoo] USE="ssl -socks5 (-test%)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -pypy3 -python3_4* -python3_6" 124 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-python/ssl-fetch-0.4::gentoo  PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -python3_4* -python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-ruby/rubygems-2.7.4::gentoo [2.6.14::gentoo] USE="-server {-test}" RUBY_TARGETS="ruby22 ruby25%* -ruby23 -ruby24" 887 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] dev-lang/ruby-2.5.0-r1:2.5::gentoo [2.2.9:2.2::gentoo] USE="berkdb gdbm ipv6 rdoc ssl -debug -doc -examples -jemalloc -libressl -rubytests -socks5 -static-libs -tk -xemacs" 11,030 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/rubygems-14::gentoo [13::gentoo] RUBY_TARGETS="ruby22 ruby25%* (-rbx) -ruby23 -ruby24" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-ruby/rake-12.3.0::gentoo  USE="-doc {-test}" RUBY_TARGETS="ruby22 ruby25%* -ruby23 -ruby24" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-ruby/power_assert-1.1.1::gentoo  USE="-doc {-test}" RUBY_TARGETS="ruby22 ruby25%* -ruby23 -ruby24" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-ruby/test-unit-3.2.7:2::gentoo  USE="-doc {-test}" RUBY_TARGETS="ruby22 ruby25%* -ruby23 -ruby24" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-ruby/json-2.1.0:2::gentoo  USE="-doc {-test}" RUBY_TARGETS="ruby22 ruby25%* -ruby23 -ruby24" 0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-ruby/net-telnet-0.1.1-r1:1::gentoo  USE="-doc {-test}" RUBY_TARGETS="ruby22 ruby25 -ruby23 -ruby24" 13 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-ruby/did_you_mean-1.2.0:2.5::gentoo  USE="{-test}" RUBY_TARGETS="ruby25" 32 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-ruby/minitest-5.11.1:5::gentoo [5.10.3:5::gentoo] USE="-doc {-test}" RUBY_TARGETS="ruby22 ruby25%* -ruby23 -ruby24" 78 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-ruby/xmlrpc-0.3.0::gentoo  USE="-doc {-test}" RUBY_TARGETS="ruby25 -ruby23 -ruby24" 34 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-ruby/kpeg-1.1.0:1::gentoo  USE="-doc {-test}" RUBY_TARGETS="ruby22 ruby25%* -ruby23 -ruby24" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] dev-ruby/racc-1.4.14::gentoo  USE="-doc {-test}" RUBY_TARGETS="ruby22 ruby25%* -ruby23 -ruby24" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-ruby/rdoc-6.0.1::gentoo [6.0.0::gentoo] USE="-doc {-test}" RUBY_TARGETS="ruby22 ruby25%* -ruby23 -ruby24" 681 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] dev-qt/qtwebkit-5.9.1:5/5.9::gentoo [4.8.7:4::gentoo] USE="jit opengl -debug -geolocation (-gles2) -gstreamer -multimedia -orientation -printsupport -qml {-test} -webchannel -webp" 34,474 KiB
[ebuild  NS    ] net-misc/teamviewer-13.0.5693-r2:13::gentoo [12.0.76279:12::gentoo] 9,468 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-qt/qtcore-4.8.7-r3:4::gentoo [4.8.7-r2:4::gentoo] USE="exceptions glib iconv qt3support ssl (-aqua) -debug -icu -libressl -pch" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-db/mariadb-10.2.12:0/18::gentoo [10.2.8:0/18::gentoo] USE="backup pam perl server xml -bindist -cracklib* -debug -embedded -extraengine -galera -innodb-lz4 -innodb-lzo -innodb-snappy -jdbc -jemalloc -kerberos 
-latin1 -libressl -mroonga -numa -odbc -oqgraph -profiling -rocksdb (-selinux) -sphinx -sst-mariabackup% -sst-rsync -sst-xtrabackup -static -static-libs -systemd -systemtap -tcmalloc {-test} -tokudb -yassl" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 
71,418 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/mysql-5.6-r10:0/18::gentoo [5.6-r9:0/18::gentoo] USE="server -embedded -static" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-perl/DBD-mysql-4.41.0-r2::gentoo [4.41.0-r1::gentoo] USE="ssl -embedded {-test}" 0 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] app-text/aspell-0.60.7_rc1::gentoo  USE="nls unicode (-linguas_af%) (-linguas_be%) (-linguas_bg%) (-linguas_br%) (-linguas_ca%) (-linguas_cs%) (-linguas_cy%) (-linguas_da%) (-linguas_de%) (-linguas_de@1901%) 
(-linguas_el%) (-linguas_en%) (-linguas_eo%) (-linguas_es%) (-linguas_et%) (-linguas_fi%) (-linguas_fo%) (-linguas_fr%) (-linguas_ga%) (-linguas_gl%) (-linguas_he%) (-linguas_hr%) (-linguas_hu%) (-linguas_hy%) (-linguas_is%) 
(-linguas_it%) (-linguas_la%) (-linguas_lt%) (-linguas_nl%) (-linguas_no%) (-linguas_pl%) (-linguas_pt%) (-linguas_pt_BR%) (-linguas_ro%) (-linguas_ru%) (-linguas_sk%) (-linguas_sl%) (-linguas_sr%) (-linguas_sv%) (-linguas_uk%) 
(-linguas_vi%)" L10N="-af -be -bg -br -ca -cs -cy -da -de -de-1901 -el -en -eo -es -et -fi -fo -fr -ga -gl -he -hr -hu -hy -is -it -la -lt -nl -no -pl -pt -pt-BR -ro -ru -sk -sl -sr -sv -uk -vi" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-misc/mc-4.8.20-r1::gentoo [4.8.19::gentoo] USE="X edit gpm nls slang spell xdg -mclib -samba -sftp {-test}" 2,471 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/gst-plugins-base-1.12.3:1.0::gentoo [1.10.5:1.0::gentoo] USE="X alsa introspection nls ogg orc pango vorbis -ivorbis -theora" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 3,045 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/gst-plugins-bad-1.12.3:1.0::gentoo [1.10.5:1.0::gentoo] USE="X bzip2 egl* gtk introspection nls opengl orc -gles2 {-test} -vcd -vnc -wayland" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 4,597 KiB
[blocks b      ] <media-libs/gst-plugins-bad-1.11.90:1.0 ("<media-libs/gst-plugins-bad-1.11.90:1.0" is blocking media-libs/gst-plugins-base-1.12.3)
[ebuild     U  ] media-libs/gst-plugins-good-1.12.3:1.0::gentoo [1.10.5:1.0::gentoo] USE="nls orc" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 3,406 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] virtual/perl-Scalar-List-Utils-1.460.200_rc::gentoo [1.460.0-r1::gentoo] 0 KiB
[uninstall     ] perl-core/Scalar-List-Utils-1.460.0::gentoo  USE="{-test}" 
[blocks b      ] <perl-core/Scalar-List-Utils-1.460.200_rc ("<perl-core/Scalar-List-Utils-1.460.200_rc" is blocking virtual/perl-Scalar-List-Utils-1.460.200_rc)
[ebuild     U  ] dev-perl/IO-Socket-SSL-2.52.0::gentoo [2.48.0::gentoo] USE="-examples -idn" 217 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-perl/Error-0.170.250::gentoo [0.170.240::gentoo] USE="{-test}" 32 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/Net-HTTP-6.170.0::gentoo  USE="-minimal {-test}" 38 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-perl/Net-SMTP-SSL-1.40.0::gentoo [1.30.0::gentoo] USE="{-test}" 3 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/libwww-perl-6.270.0::gentoo  USE="ssl {-test}" 160 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/LWP-Protocol-https-6.70.0::gentoo  USE="{-test}" 9 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/XML-Twig-3.520.0::gentoo  USE="nls {-test}" 399 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-perl/Net-DBus-1.1.0::gentoo  USE="{-test}" 2,027 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-misc/xdg-utils-1.1.2-r1::gentoo [1.1.2::gentoo] USE="-doc (-perl%*)" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-print/cups-2.2.6::gentoo [2.2.4::gentoo] USE="X acl dbus pam ssl threads usb -debug -java -kerberos -lprng-compat -python (-selinux) -static-libs -systemd -xinetd -zeroconf (-linguas_ca%*) (-linguas_cs%*) 
(-linguas_de%*) (-linguas_es%*) (-linguas_fr%*) (-linguas_it%*) (-linguas_ja%*) (-linguas_ru%*)" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7" 10,077 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-print/cups-filters-1.18.0::gentoo [1.17.2::gentoo] USE="dbus foomatic jpeg ldap pdf png postscript tiff -ipp_autosetup -pclm -perl -static-libs {-test%} -zeroconf" 1,424 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-wireless/bluez-5.47-r1:0/3::gentoo [5.46:0/3::gentoo] USE="alsa cups mesh%* obex readline udev -debug -deprecated -doc -experimental -extra-tools (-selinux) -systemd {-test} -test-programs -user-session" 
ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7" 1,679 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-qt/qtprintsupport-5.9.3:5/5.9::gentoo [5.7.1:5/5.7::gentoo] USE="cups -debug (-gles2) {-test}" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-390.12:0/390::gentoo [387.22:0/387::gentoo] USE="X acpi driver kms multilib tools uvm -compat -gtk3 -pax_kernel -static-libs -wayland" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 81,265 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-crypt/pinentry-1.0.0-r2::gentoo [1.0.0::gentoo] USE="gnome-keyring gtk ncurses qt5* -caps -emacs -static (-qt4%*)" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] x11-libs/wxGTK-3.0.3:3.0::gentoo [] USE="X libnotify opengl sdl tiff (-aqua) -debug -doc -gstreamer (-webkit%)" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 19,667 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-im/discord-bin-0.0.3::gentoo [0.0.1::gentoo] 47,256 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-crypt/gnupg-2.2.4::gentoo [2.1.21-r1::gentoo] USE="bzip2 gnutls ldap nls readline smartcard usb -doc (-selinux) -tofu -tools -wks-server" 6,418 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-ftp/filezilla-3.29.0::gentoo [3.25.2::gentoo] USE="dbus nls {-test}" 4,719 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit-9.0.176:0/9.0.176::gentoo [8.0.61:0/8.0.61::gentoo] USE="-debugger -doc -eclipse -profiler" 1,604,780 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] net-misc/networkmanager-1.10.2::gentoo [1.8.2::gentoo] USE="bluetooth consolekit dhclient introspection modemmanager ncurses nss policykit ppp wext wifi -audit -connection-sharing -dhcpcd -elogind -gnutls -json 
-ofono -ovs% -resolvconf (-selinux) -systemd -teamd {-test} -vala" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 3,846 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] app-crypt/gpgme-1.10.0:1/11::gentoo  USE="cxx qt5 -common-lisp -python -static-libs" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5 -python3_4 -python3_6" 1,339 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-vcs/git-2.15.1::gentoo [2.14.1::gentoo] USE="blksha1 curl gpg iconv nls pcre pcre-jit perl python threads webdav -cgi -cvs -doc -emacs -gnome-keyring -highlight -libressl -mediawiki -mediawiki-experimental 
(-ppcsha1) -subversion {-test} -tk -xinetd (-linguas_bg%) (-linguas_ca%) (-linguas_de%) (-linguas_fr%) (-linguas_is%) (-linguas_it%) (-linguas_ko%) (-linguas_pt_PT%) (-linguas_ru%) (-linguas_sv%) (-linguas_vi%) (-linguas_zh_CN%)" 
PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7" 5,184 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] dev-libs/volume_key-0.3.9::gentoo  USE="{-test}" PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="python3_5 -python3_4 -python3_6" PYTHON_TARGETS="python3_5 -python3_4 -python3_6" 435 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-office/libreoffice-bin- [] USE="-gnome -java -kde" PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="(-python2_7%) (-python3_4%*) (-python3_5%)" PYTHON_TARGETS="python3_5* (-python2_7%*) (-python3_4%*)" 
73,596 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] app-portage/layman-2.4.2::gentoo  USE="git -bazaar -cvs -darcs -g-sorcery -gpg -mercurial -sqlite -squashfs -subversion -sync-plugin-portage {-test}" PYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_5* -pypy -python3_4* 
-python3_6" 0 KiB
[ebuild  N     ] sys-libs/libblockdev-2.15-r1::gentoo  USE="cryptsetup -bcache -dmraid -doc -kbd -lvm {-test}" PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="python3_5 -python3_4 -python3_6" PYTHON_TARGETS="python3_5 -python3_4 -python3_6" 274 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] sys-fs/udisks-2.7.5:2::gentoo [2.6.5:2::gentoo] USE="acl gptfdisk introspection nls -cryptsetup -debug -elogind -lvm (-selinux) -systemd" 1,242 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] gnome-base/gvfs-1.32.1-r1::gentoo [1.32.1::gentoo] USE="cdda gtk http policykit udev udisks -afp -archive -bluray -elogind% -fuse -gnome-keyring -gnome-online-accounts -google -gphoto2 -ios -mtp -nfs -samba 
-systemd {-test} -zeroconf" 53 KiB
[ebuild   R    ] media-sound/pulseaudio-11.1::gentoo  USE="X alsa alsa-plugin asyncns bluetooth caps dbus equalizer gdbm glib gtk ipv6 orc ssl tcpd udev webrtc-aec -doc -gnome -jack -libressl -libsamplerate -lirc -native-headset 
(-neon) -ofono-headset (-oss) -qt4* -realtime (-selinux) -sox (-system-wide) -systemd {-test} -zeroconf" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 0 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] media-plugins/alsa-plugins-1.1.5::gentoo [1.1.4-r1::gentoo] USE="pulseaudio -debug -ffmpeg -jack -libav -libsamplerate -speex" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 359 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] www-client/firefox-bin-57.0.4-r1::gentoo [57.0.1::gentoo] USE="ffmpeg pulseaudio startup-notification (-selinux)" L10N="-ach -af -an -ar -as -ast -az -bg -bn-BD -bn-IN -br -bs -ca -cs -cy -da -de -el -en-GB -en-ZA 
-eo -es-AR -es-CL -es-ES -es-MX -et -eu -fa -fi -fr -fy -ga -gd -gl -gu -he -hi -hr -hsb -hu -hy -id -is -it -ja -kk -km -kn -ko -lt -lv -mai -mk -ml -mr -ms -nb -nl -nn -or -pa -pl -pt-BR -pt-PT -rm -ro -ru -si -sk -sl -son -sq 
-sr -sv -ta -te -th -tr -uk -uz -vi -xh -zh-CN -zh-TW" 52,375 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-java/icedtea-bin-3.6.0:8::gentoo [3.4.0:8::gentoo] USE="alsa cups gtk webstart (-big-endian) -doc -examples -headless-awt -multilib -nsplugin -pulseaudio (-selinux) -source" ABI_X86="32 (64) (-x32)" 60,461 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] app-misc/xmind-3.7.6::gentoo [3.7.2::gentoo] USE="X" 118,071 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-java/commons-cli-1.4:1::gentoo [1.3.1:1::gentoo] USE="-doc -source {-test}" 146 KiB
[ebuild     U  ] dev-java/tomcat-servlet-api-7.0.82:3.0::gentoo [7.0.79:3.0::gentoo] USE="-source" 4,588 KiB
[blocks B      ] <media-libs/speex-1.2.0 ("<media-libs/speex-1.2.0" is blocking media-libs/speexdsp-1.2_rc3-r2)

Total: 430 packages (298 upgrades, 66 new, 20 in new slots, 46 reinstalls, 1 uninstall), Size of downloads: 3,463,961 KiB
Conflict: 3 blocks (1 unsatisfied)

!!! Multiple package instances within a single package slot have been pulled
!!! into the dependency graph, resulting in a slot conflict:


  (dev-lang/perl-5.26.1-r1:0/5.26::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) pulled in by
    =dev-lang/perl-5.26* required by (virtual/perl-Text-ParseWords-3.300.0-r3:0/0::gentoo, installed)
    ^              ^^^^^                                                                                                                                    
    (and 37 more with the same problem)

  (dev-lang/perl-5.24.3:0/5.24::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) pulled in by
    dev-lang/perl:0/5.24= required by (virtual/perl-ExtUtils-Install-2.40.0-r3:0/0::gentoo, installed)
    (and 30 more with the same problem)


  (dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit-9.0.176:0/9.0.176::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) pulled in by
    (no parents that aren't satisfied by other packages in this slot)

  (dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit-8.0.61:0/8.0.61::gentoo, installed) pulled in by
    dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit:0/8.0.61= required by (app-crypt/johntheripper-1.7.9-r11:0/0::gentoo, installed)


  (dev-libs/boost-1.63.0:0/1.63.0::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) pulled in by
    dev-libs/boost:0/1.63.0 required by (app-office/libreoffice-bin-, ebuild scheduled for merge)

  (dev-libs/boost-1.62.0-r1:0/1.62.0::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) pulled in by
    dev-libs/boost:0/1.62.0= required by (dev-cpp/libcmis-0.5.2_pre20160820-r1:0.5/0.5::gentoo, installed)


  (dev-util/boost-build-1.62.0-r1:0/0::gentoo, installed) pulled in by
    =dev-util/boost-build-1.62* required by (dev-libs/boost-1.62.0-r1:0/1.62.0::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge)
    ^                     ^^^^^                                                                                                                                           

  (dev-util/boost-build-1.63.0:0/0::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) pulled in by
    =dev-util/boost-build-1.63* required by (dev-libs/boost-1.63.0:0/1.63.0::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge)
    ^                     ^^^^^                                                                                                                                        


  (media-libs/speex-1.2.0-r1:0/0::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) pulled in by
    >=media-libs/speex-1.2.0 required by (media-sound/mumble-1.2.19:0/0::gentoo, installed)
    ^^                 ^^^^^                                                                                                                      
    (and 1 more with the same problem)

  (media-libs/speex-1.2_rc1-r2:0/0::gentoo, installed) pulled in by
    <media-libs/speex-1.2.0 required by (media-sound/mumble-1.2.19:0/0::gentoo, installed)
    ^                 ^^^^^                                                                                                                      

NOTE: Use the '--verbose-conflicts' option to display parents omitted above

It may be possible to solve this problem by using package.mask to
prevent one of those packages from being selected. However, it is also
possible that conflicting dependencies exist such that they are
impossible to satisfy simultaneously.  If such a conflict exists in
the dependencies of two different packages, then those packages can
not be installed simultaneously.

For more information, see MASKED PACKAGES section in the emerge man
page or refer to the Gentoo Handbook.

 * Error: The above package list contains packages which cannot be
 * installed at the same time on the same system.

  (media-libs/speexdsp-1.2_rc3-r2:0/0::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge) pulled in by
    media-libs/speexdsp required by (media-sound/mumble-1.2.19:0/0::gentoo, installed)
    media-libs/speexdsp required by (net-analyzer/wireshark-2.4.3:0/2.4.3::gentoo, installed)
    media-libs/speexdsp required by (media-sound/pulseaudio-11.1:0/0::gentoo, ebuild scheduled for merge)

For more information about Blocked Packages, please refer to the following
section of the Gentoo Linux x86 Handbook (architecture is irrelevant):


The following USE changes are necessary to proceed:
 (see "package.use" in the portage(5) man page for more details)
# required by dev-lang/ruby-2.5.0-r1::gentoo
# required by dev-ruby/xmlrpc-0.3.0::gentoo[ruby_targets_ruby25]
>=dev-ruby/rake-12.3.0 ruby_targets_ruby25
# required by dev-ruby/rdoc-6.0.1::gentoo[ruby_targets_ruby25]
# required by dev-lang/ruby-2.5.0-r1::gentoo[rdoc]
# required by dev-ruby/xmlrpc-0.3.0::gentoo[ruby_targets_ruby25]
>=dev-ruby/kpeg-1.1.0 ruby_targets_ruby25
# required by dev-ruby/rdoc-6.0.1::gentoo[ruby_targets_ruby25]
# required by dev-lang/ruby-2.5.0-r1::gentoo[rdoc]
# required by dev-ruby/xmlrpc-0.3.0::gentoo[ruby_targets_ruby25]
>=dev-ruby/racc-1.4.14 ruby_targets_ruby25
# required by dev-lang/ruby-2.5.0-r1::gentoo
# required by dev-ruby/xmlrpc-0.3.0::gentoo[ruby_targets_ruby25]
>=dev-ruby/power_assert-1.1.1 ruby_targets_ruby25
# required by dev-lang/ruby-2.5.0-r1::gentoo
# required by dev-ruby/xmlrpc-0.3.0::gentoo[ruby_targets_ruby25]
>=dev-ruby/test-unit-3.2.7 ruby_targets_ruby25
# required by dev-ruby/rdoc-6.0.1::gentoo[ruby_targets_ruby25,-test]
# required by dev-lang/ruby-2.5.0-r1::gentoo[rdoc]
# required by dev-ruby/xmlrpc-0.3.0::gentoo[ruby_targets_ruby25]
>=virtual/rubygems-14 ruby_targets_ruby25
# required by app-office/libreoffice-bin-
# required by @selected
# required by @world (argument)
>=dev-libs/xmlsec-1.2.24-r1 nss
# required by dev-lang/ruby-2.5.0-r1::gentoo
# required by dev-qt/qtwebkit-5.9.1::gentoo
# required by net-misc/teamviewer-13.0.5693-r2::gentoo
# required by @selected
# required by @world (argument)
>=dev-ruby/xmlrpc-0.3.0 ruby_targets_ruby25
# required by dev-lang/ruby-2.5.0-r1::gentoo
# required by dev-ruby/xmlrpc-0.3.0::gentoo[ruby_targets_ruby25]
>=dev-ruby/json-2.1.0 ruby_targets_ruby25
# required by dev-lang/ruby-2.5.0-r1::gentoo
# required by dev-ruby/xmlrpc-0.3.0::gentoo[ruby_targets_ruby25]
>=dev-ruby/net-telnet-0.1.1-r1 ruby_targets_ruby25
# required by dev-lang/ruby-2.5.0-r1::gentoo
# required by dev-ruby/xmlrpc-0.3.0::gentoo[ruby_targets_ruby25]
>=dev-ruby/did_you_mean-1.2.0 ruby_targets_ruby25
# required by virtual/rubygems-14::gentoo[ruby_targets_ruby25]
# required by dev-ruby/rdoc-6.0.1::gentoo[ruby_targets_ruby22,-test]
# required by dev-lang/ruby-2.5.0-r1::gentoo[rdoc]
# required by dev-ruby/xmlrpc-0.3.0::gentoo[ruby_targets_ruby25]
>=dev-ruby/rubygems-2.7.4 ruby_targets_ruby25
# required by dev-lang/ruby-2.5.0-r1::gentoo
# required by dev-ruby/xmlrpc-0.3.0::gentoo[ruby_targets_ruby25]
>=dev-ruby/minitest-5.11.1 ruby_targets_ruby25
# required by dev-lang/ruby-2.5.0-r1::gentoo[rdoc]
# required by dev-ruby/xmlrpc-0.3.0::gentoo[ruby_targets_ruby25]
>=dev-ruby/rdoc-6.0.1 ruby_targets_ruby25

 * In order to avoid wasting time, backtracking has terminated early
 * due to the above autounmask change(s). The --autounmask-backtrack=y
 * option can be used to force further backtracking, but there is no
 * guarantee that it will produce a solution.

 * IMPORTANT: 4 news items need reading for repository 'gentoo'.
 * Use eselect news read to view new items.

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